Belt Press is a line of sludge presses that is applied in the wastewater treatment process in many fields in our country today. To help customers better understand this machine, we would like to summarize the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of this type of mud press.

On the market today, the main lines of conveyor mud presses include:

  • Korean Belt Press
  • Vietnam Belt Press
  • Taiwan Belt Press (with popular brands such as Chishun Belt Press, ..)
  • Belt Press according to European technology standards

The advantages of Ark Belt Press

Besides Filter Press, Belt Press is a machine that is chosen by many factories and enterprises to treat wastewater and sludge because this machine has many advantages suitable for treatment systems. wastewater as well as wastewater from factories and factories in our country today, specifically as follows:

  • Belt Press is designed to ensure continuous operation for many hours. In particular, the machine can operate continuously for up to 20 hours. This feature of the conveyor slurry press is very suitable for the wastewater treatment process of industries that require continuous
  • Compactly designed with a moderate size, the conveyor slurry press does not take up too much space for the machine. Therefore, Belt Press are quite suitable for factories and enterprises with small scale, limited space. In addition, with its compact size, Belt Press is also convenient for moving the machine from the factory to the place where the machine is located, especially in areas with difficult terrain for travel.
  • The cost of maintenance, maintenance and repair of Belt Press is average, not too high compared to other mud presses. In terms of repair and maintenance fees, Belt Press are only higher than plate frame slurry presses and smaller than other types of slurry presses.
  • Belt Press are capable of handling a variety of sludge with different characteristics and properties. Therefore, this machine is widely applied in the treatment of wastewater and sludge of many different industries such as sludge of seafood processing industry, sludge of livestock and poultry slaughter industry, sludge from the food processing industry, etc.
  • The machine has a fairly compact frame structure, so it does not take up much space to place the machine, easy to transport the machine to different locations.
  • There are many different capacity ranges for customers to choose from to suit the actual needs of the project. Ranging from 0.5m3/h to 21m3/h.

Disadvantages of Belt Press

Besides the outstanding advantages, Belt Press also has a few disadvantages, specifically as follows:

  • The initial investment is still quite high. Compared with Filter Press, the price of Belt Press is still high. Therefore, for small and medium-sized factories and enterprises, Belt Press are still not much choice.
  • The machine consumes a large amount of power, so the operating cost is quite high
  • Belt Press consumes a large amount of polymer coagulant to coagulate the sludge. Therefore, factories and enterprises will also have to invest a considerable amount of money for polymer flocculation materials
  • The moisture content of the sludge treated by Belt Press is quite high, the humidity of the sludge is difficult to change
  • To ensure good operation of the machine, Belt Press must be changed continuously, especially the conveyor system of the machine.
  • Because Belt Press works continuously, factories and enterprises need a large number of workers to operate the machine.
  • Compared with Filter Press, the accessories of Belt Press are not available in the market, so it is difficult to find and replace. Therefore, the cost of replacing parts of the machine is quite high
  • The machine needs many people to participate in the operation of the sludge dewatering machine
  • The machine consumes a relatively large amount of power
  • The machine has a relatively large initial investment cost
  • The final sludge product of the machine has a high relative humidity and it is difficult to change the moisture content of the sludge
  • The machine operates continuously, not cyclically, so it requires many workers to operate

Máy ép bùn băng tải tiêu tốn keo tụ polymer làm đông bùn thải

The above is a summary of the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of Belt Press. Hopefully the above information will help customers choose the right mud press machine for their needs and conditions..



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