Polymer Dissolving Device

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It is used for wastewater treatment projects and some other industrial processes.

A dry polymer preparation device with a defined liquid concentration for the system units, to optimize the efficiency of the solids flocculation and flocculation processes. This reduces the time it takes for the granular molecules to sun, flocculate or dehydrate.

High efficiency automatic polymer mixing equipment designed for chemical mixing, dissolving and concentration regulation, this equipment includes chemical storage tank, chemical transfer, mixing, flow sensor amount of water

FREETA-α 3-stage emulsion and powder dissolving device

FREETA-α 3-stage emulsion and powder dissolution unit includes warehouse, feed system, mixing tank and dissolving tank. This machine maintains a constant concentration of the dissolving process by automatically controlling the amount of polymer and the ratio of water.

FREETA-F 1 stage emulsion dissolving device

FREETA-1 Stage Emulsion and Powder Dissolver is designed under the need to dissolve Emulsion-type Polymers in smaller volumes. It holds the Polymer storage tank and the Dissolved Unit system in a single tank.


FREETA-α 3-stage Powder & Emulsion Dissolving Device

FREETA-α 3-stage Powder&Emulsion Dissolving Unit consists of a storage, a Feeding System, a Mixing Tank and a Dissolving Tank. This machine maintains the constant concentration of the dissolution by automatically controlling the amount of polymer and the water ratio.


FREETA-β 1-stage Emulsion Dissolving Device

 FREETA-β 1-stage Powder&Emulsion Dissolving Unit is designed under the necessity of dissolving the Emulsion-type Polymer with smaller volumes. It contains the Polymer Storage tank and Dissolving Unit system in a single tank.


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