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Centrifugal sludge presses are mud presses produced by ARK Company in Vietnam. Components: 1 rotating roller, 1 screw rotating in the same shaft but with different speeds, drive box and machine body.

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Screw-Decanter Centrifuge consists of the following components; a Rotating-Bowl, a Screw that rotates in the
same axix but with diffirent speed, a Gear box and a body.

Firstly, the sludge is fed to the Distribution Room inside the machine and is accelerated into the Bowl by the centrifugal force (this force help the solid to be settled and accumulated at the wall of the Bowl). Finally, the cake is discharged from the Cake Outlet and the water is discharged from the other side.

Cake Outlet

A removable ceramic-type cake outlet that has a resistance to abrasion and a great durability

Reduction Gear

The general-purpose reduction gear that enhances the maintaince of the Centrifuge.


Capable of processing various materials precisely


Has a great resistance to wear on screw with tungsten carbide welding tips.

Standard Specification


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