Belt Press

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The conveyor sludge press is a new type of sludge press that operates on the principle of using the pressure of the rollers on the conveyors to press the sludge, the sludge is pressed in the form of thin, very firm and fast drying plates.

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Belt – Press Dewatering Machine consists of the following components: a Rotating – Belt, a Roller that squeezes the sludge between the upper and lower belts and a Body. Firstly, the sludge which is concentrated in the Gravity – Dewatering unit beforehand is provided into the space between two different belts. These upper and lower belts are dewatering the sludge continuously by using the multiple Roller – Compressors with a great pressure . 

Alignment Device

Equipment that prevenst the belt from being pulled in one direction during the filtration.

Gravity Dewatering

Extracting the water by using the gravity and feeding the sludge evenly over the Belt.

Spur Gear

A device that adjusts the upper and lower Belt to rotate at the same speed.

Tension Device

A device that maintains the tension of the Belt.

Standard Specification


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